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The call for papers ended on June 30 and 128 abstracts were submitted. Authors will receive an email with the outcome of their submission on July 17, 2023.

Papers to be discussed can cover a wide variety of topics framed in theoretical studies, applied studies, and cases of interest both to academics and professionals, within and outside the health sector. The participation of non-Portuguese health economists is strongly encouraged. Throughout the conference, there is always one parallel session presented and discussed in English.

To present their work authors will be given a time slot in a parallel session with other presentations on similar topics. Most of the presentations will follow the standard format, which consists of 15 minutes for the presenter followed by 5 minutes of questions and discussion by the audience. There will also be flash talks, in which each presenter will have 5 minutes to summarize the work, with time for questions at the end of the parallel session.


Abstracts submitted to the conference can cover the following topics:

- Life-style and risk factors in health;

- Social inequality and the determinants of health;

- Equity in financing and delivery of health care;

- Demand for healthcare and cost-sharing;

- Health systems performance;

- Financing and sustainability of health systems;

- Provider payments;

- Markets and regulation;

- Health insurance and the public-private mix;

- Burden and cost of disease;

- Applied health econometrics;

- Evaluation of health interventions, programs or policy;

- Economic evaluation and budget impact of health technologies;

- Health technology assessment and real world data;

- Outcomes measurement and quality of life;

- Pharmacoeconomics;

- Regulation of pharmaceutical markets;

- Economics of the hospital sector;

- Mental and brain health economics;

- Global Health, particularly studies in Portuguese-speaking countries;

- Primary care;

- Long-term care.

Note: the list above is not exhaustive, and abstracts might be submitted with other topics. Topics above will likely be grouped in sessions when assembling the conference programme, depending on the volume of abstracts in each theme.

Deadline for submission: June 30, 2023

Notification of acceptance: July 17, 2023

Registration and payment of the conference are mandatory for all the participants.


Individual abstracts:

Abstracts should be organized according to the usual sections: objectives, methods, results and conclusions, in a total of 500 words. Submission is done directly in the platform and no uploading of files is needed.

Organized sessions:

Organized sessions should contain 3 to 4 abstracts, on a common theme, and might include a discussant for each paper.

To submit an organized session each individual abstract should be submitted separately in the form, following the steps below:

1. Identify the submission as being part of an organized session (yes/no).

2. Include the title of the organized session (the same for all abstracts)

3. Each session as an organizer. If this is you then you should identify as such (yes/no) and submit a short description of the session (200 words), explaining the theme and the link between abstracts.

4. If applicable identify the discussant of your paper.

5. Submit your abstract.

The Scientific Commission reserves itself the right of suggesting changes to the organized session format, or to accept only part of the abstracts submitted.

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